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Backend Engineer (NodeJS)

TopX is a gamified NFT marketplace with a creator-driven model. We unite collectors, creators and artists on a democratized art economy that is welcome to all.

Join our team as a backend engineer to work at the intersection of web and blockchain alongside some of the best talent in the field. This is a high-growth, high-reward opportunity in a rapidly evolving Web3 industry, where you'll put your existing skills to work and acquire exciting new ones.

This is a remote-only position.

This job is great for you if you enjoy:

  • Working within fast-paced Web3 industries
  • Being smart about what you build, with a heavy use of test-driven development
  • Fearlessly diving into the unknown alongside the best engineers in the land
  • Exploring a whole world of data-intensive applications


  • Minimum of 4 years experience writing NodeJS (preferably Express.js framework)
  • Minimum of 1 year experience writing GraphQL and REST
  • Comfortable using Docker
  • Practical skills with AWS
  • Distributed systems basic knowledge
  • Knowledge about relational (preferably Postgresql) / document / graph databases
  • Comfortable working remotely, with strong self-initiative
  • Experience collaborating closely with other engineers, as well as designers and non-engineers

Bonus skills

  • Experience with Solidity
  • Experience with Polygon network

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