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Backend Engineer (Java)

Your role as a backend engineer at Partyhat will consist of working on multiple leading edge projects. You will work alongside some of the best in a collaborative environment while focusing on your core skills. Be a master of your craft while being 100% remote and never have to worry about filling in timesheets.

This job is great for you if you enjoy

  • Working in Java/Kotlin using SpringBoot framework.
  • Being smart about what you build with a heavy use of test driven development.
  • Delivering a fresh code through a build system with Maven.
  • Fearlessly diving into the unknown alongside the best engineers in the land.
  • Exploring world of data intensive applications


  • Minimum of 3 years experience writing Java/Kotlin.
  • Minimum of 1 years experience writing SpringBoot and Maven.
  • Distributed systems basic knowledge.
  • Knowledge about relational / document / graph databases
  • Comfortable working remotely and has a strong self initiative.
  • Experience collaborating closely with other engineers, as well as designers and non-engineers.

Working at Partyhat

People do their best work when they’re cared for and in the right environment:

  • Flexibility: Wherever you are, and wherever you want to go, we embrace the freedom gained through trust and professionalism.
  • Team: Be part of an amazing team of senior engineers that you can rely on.
  • Growth: Become a master in the art of remote work and effective communication.
  • Compensation: Best in class compensation for remote workers plus the swag you want.
  • Cutting Edge: Stay sharp in your space, work at the very edge of tech.
  • Passion: Annual financial allowance for YOUR development and YOUR passions.

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