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Partyhat Assesses New Opportunities in Gamified Shopping

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - October 31, 2020 - Partyhat is looking to extend its reach into gamified shopping, following explosive growth in this sector. The organization will be turning to mystery box shopping platforms to capitalize on what could be retail’s biggest shake-up since the internet.

Gamified shopping describes any form of shopping that elevates the core experience; that is, it offers shoppers a more interactive experience than simply choosing an item, adding it to a cart and paying for it. Gamified shopping takes the form of mystery boxes, which are packed with an assortment of items and which can be opened for a fixed price. Once obtained, items can be ordered or exchanged as shoppers desire, adding another layer to the shopping experience.

Gamified shopping has existed in one form or another for several years, along with its close cousin, social shopping. Think eBay's auction-style transactions, or Instagram and Facebook's 'Shop' sections. But eBay is far more associated with second-hand goods than the auctions themselves, while Instagram and Facebook's 'Shop' sections are secondary to the wider platforms. The rising prominence of gamified and social shopping presents unique opportunities for Partyhat, which aims to position gamification and social elements as the main draw, and not merely an afterthought.

Mystery boxes, and by extension gamified and social shopping, already have an established popularity among Millennials and Gen Z. The challenge now is to broaden the experience. Partyhat's related subsidiary already does this through dynamic leaderboard contests, loyalty challenges, UGC rewards and a collection of digital unlockables. This gamification of online shopping is well-prepared to tap into existing consumer demand.

Expanding their position within the gamified shopping space is a key part of Partyhat’s 21/22 strategy.